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New Year, New Me!

Wednesday 15th February 2017

So 2017 is officially underway! January is over, Christmas is a distant memory, your New Year gym and diet regime has probably gone to pot (No? Just us?! Okay then...). The sun has begun to shine, things are getting a little warmer and you're all important big day is getting ever closer.

We've been busy preparing ourselves to be the Cheshire wedding band for loads of lovely couples tying the knot in 2017. We have completely overhauled our repertoire as well as finalising bookings and making sure all the fine details are ironed out, to make sure your big day is as smooth as possible!

This got me thinking... How do you make a full day ferrying friends from place to place whilst serving 100 roast dinners, keeping Dave sober enough for his speech, the flowers arranged, the eyebrows on point AND leave room for cake?!?!

So heres 5 tips to make sure you spend your special day, enjoying your special day.

1. Simplicity is key.

We're going straight in with a biggy... overcomplicating things seems to be the leading cause of stress and (honestly) things going wrong. You want your day to be as minimal stress to you and to your guests, and usually simplicity is key! Most people just want to see you have a wonderful day and to have a relaxed and enjoyable time! Think about what they might like to do and try not force activities and lots of stopping points in the day. For extra entertainment, things like photo booths from Hipswing Entertainments and garden games from Fun Leisure UK are perfect, lots of fun and your guests can use them as and when they'd like and even take a memento away with them!

2. Time is not, has not, and unfortunately probably will not be on your side...

Last year we hit a milestone of our 100th wedding, and I can probably count the amount on one hand the days that went 100% according to plan. Even if you keeps things simple there is a lot to do and a lot of people to move, losing track of time and parts of the day being delayed can happen really easily, and that is totally fine. Make sure you allow plenty of time if you are moving large groups of people and when the hands of time almost inevitably don't play ball, don't stress, as when all is said and done it wont affect your day all that much (and your venue, wedding band, caterers and guests will probably expect it anyway!)

3. Don't stress about anything you can't control.

So you slept in and missed breakfast, your brother is already drinking, your driver is late and this is waking up to grey skies, gales and that really annoying thin rain that doesn't really feel like rain but somehow manages to get you wet through. NIGHTMARE - YOU'RE DAY IS DOOMED! Or at least it feels that way. Que Cera is all we can say, your day will be as special as you make it and worrying about things you can't change might stop you realising that it may just make your day that bit more special. Check out Huffington Post's '25 couples who made the most of some bad wedding day weather' and after seeing some of these incredible snaps, you may even be hoping for passing storm to make your wedding photos seriously cool. 

4. Remember why you're there and who is around you.

Rule number one. You are doing this because you're in love with someone. Everyone that is coming, loves one or both of you already. Remember that is is truly YOUR day and above all it about you being happy, don't be afraid of taking help from your friends or delegating a few jobs, they want you to have an easy day just as much as you do. So pack some flat shoes, take your tie off after the photos (don't worry about the chocolate sauce on your shirt) and just enjoy being with the people you love.

5. Something, somehow, at some point probably will go a bit wrong...

So goes the saying: 'Knowledge is Power.' My friends, YOU HAVE THE POWER! Something will probably go a bit wrong and in that singular moment it will be the biggest thing in the world, and it might just distract you from everything else that is going completely perfectly to plan and is going down a success! Enjoy the day whatever it may bring and we look forward to seeing you there.

Hipshaker x

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